5 steps to go out of your comfort zone and make your vision come true.

I would like to share with you the happiness of reaching out, to help more people step outside the comfort zone so we can become better versions of our self, and together create a little bit better world then what it was when we enter it!

Do you have dreams and goals that you do not know how to achieve? Or don't you dare to take the first step towards a change? Ricardo Koanuka is a personal development coach and gives his best tips for daring to stretch the boundaries and to overcome what feels difficult.

"Too many people stay inside their comfort zone and under the Law of Jante, " Ricardo Koanuka says.
He works as a coach in staff development and lectures on thinking that helps us dare to do things we are not used to.
"If you stay in your comfort zone, you will always get the same things and the same results. If you want to get new results, you must go outside, that's where you can be a better version of yourself, "says Ricardo Koanuka.Ricardo Koanuka lectures on the importance of daring to go outside the comfort zone. He believes that in order to become brave you have to dare to act and ignore the Law of Jante. He says:
"If you stay in your comfort zone, you will always get the same things and the same results. If you want to get new results, you must go outside your comfort zone, that's where you can be a better version of yourself"
He works as a coach in personal development and lectures on the mindset that helps us dare to stretch the boundaries and do things we are not used to.
"Some people talk a lot about what they want to do, they watch videos and listen to inspirational podcasts. They get information and plan - but they do nothing. But if you know something you do not use, what's the difference between not knowing?"

5 tips of how you can push your "limits": 

  1. Have goals – and a vision. The goals are the steps towards the vision. The vision is what you want to achieve in the long-term perspective. 
  2. Identify your fears. The only thing we know for sure is that we are going to die, there is nothing more we can predict the future.
  3. Let go of the Law of Jante, You can never be you f you are under the Law of Jante.
  4. Action, action, action! If you know something you do not use, what's the difference between not knowing? To have more action try the 5-second rule – don't let it go more than 5 seconds from the thought to the action. 
  5. Celebrate your success and failure. Celebrate every small victory and your failure, since they mean that you are moving forward and outside your comfort zone! 
Read the whole article here (in Swedish)

Breaking Jante, Re-focus & Soul-entrepreneurship

Breaking Jante, Re-focus & Soul-entrepreneurship

The biggest mistake I did was when I arrived in Sweden with a lot of energy. I always say that Brazil is a jungle and Sweden is a Zoo. What I mean with that, if you are not creative in Brazil, you die. When you see a lion in a zoo, he knows the food will come. He doesn’t need to hunt.
I came really hungry to Sweden. I started a business in Sweden in the same way I did in Brazil. After one year I got depressed. I had not yet figured out the Law of Jante. Until I understood I had let this law suppressed me, which would not make me, achieved my dreams of building a business and to fulfill my purpose.  Listen to the podcast.
Romeo Sundin: You are known for breaking the law of Jante, how was your first encounter and how did you overcome?
I started to study NLP, neurolinguistic programming, and I understood that The Law of Jante was a programming in our unconscious mind. I started to reprogram myself and continue. Along the way, I saw Swedish stopped other Swedish, but they gave me the excuse to be different since I was Brazilian, so I took that in my favor. I made them know I am unstoppable. I know Jante want you to stay inside the comfort zone, however, I also recognized he is afraid outside the comfort zone. I realized if I stay outside the comfort zone he could catch me no more.
Romeo Sundin: I heard roomers that you created the community and event Outside Comfort Zone, why did you create it?
I believe we are all unique. I see so many people stopping themselves because of their own limitations. The don´t have confidence in their uniqueness. They are living in a country where they have free education and support from the government but are sleeping! I don’t understand how you are not pursuing your dreams and achieving more with all the opportunities you have here. I created Outside Comfort Zone, is the place to be if you want to grow, develop, do the things you love and not be a slave of your fears.
Romeo Sundin: We need more people like you, who can show us to go across the borders and let anyone stop you, laughing at you, scare you with fears of going bankrupt.
Romeo Sundin: What kind of coach are you and which methods do you use?
I am a master in NLP, trained by the best in the world, Richard Bandler, John Grinder. I worked with Tony Robbins, working in his crew in London. From this experiences and knowledge, I developed The Uniqueness Process. This method helps people to find and clarify their purpose in life. The process helps them to create a business related to their purpose. I believe business is a way to develop who you are. I don’t believe business is only a machine that you create to make money. If you do a business related to your unique purpose you will be fulfilled and impact the world in a positive way. With this process, I help people to create a business with what they love.
Romeo Sundin: Give us an example!
One client worked in a bank in Germany. He came to me: “I make a lot of money where I work but I am totally unhappy. I have been here almost 15 years, my life is passing, but I feel I have another calling, I want to help people, I also want to be a coach”. We did the Uniqueness process. We all know inside of us what we really need to do, but sometimes we need a push. He quit his job in Germany, went back to Brazil and became a money coach. How many of us works in companies we hate, but inside of us, we wished we could open our own business because we love to paint, make hair or whatever, we can make a business out of everything.
Romeo Sundin: There are nothing wrong being an employee, however, there are many business leaders out there who could be so much more by running their own business. 
I totally agree, nothing wrong with being an employee, but many are afraid of taking a risk to do what they want to do.
Romeo Sundin: In Sweden, we have the house, loans and things we are not ready to put on risk if our business goes bankrupt.
I agree, however, Sweden is a really great country to fail in. If you come from Brazil, you can’t fail. People should be told more they live in the best place in the world to fail in.
Romeo Sundin: When you fail you learn. It is like a relationship, you get burned, but when you meet the next partner you already know what you want. I have eight brands now, but I still learn and ask; “how can we be better?”, “what are we missing?”. How do you use your mindset to succeed as an entrepreneur?
I have a formula I love, “20-80”. 20 percent of our success is the mechanic, what we do and 80 percent is our mindset. With the right mindset, you will have the power and the commitment to achieve your goals. I do my best to always be in a high enthusiastic state. This is the state of rich people. It doesn’t matter if you know the plan and organizes if you don’t have the mindset to commit and pursuing. The quality of your life is in your ability to manage your state of mind.
Romeo Sundin: I have read the book “The Secret”. You need to have the goal in front of you. I was told to add how many zeros I wanted to earn on a bill. I had a 500 bill and added 4 zeros, 5 million. So when I woke up in the morning I imagine I had fun with this money. The universe will show you the way, however with lots of options. I meet people in the strangest way, however, it was not luck. Like I meet the hairdresser of the celebrant I wanted to meet and she introduced me to her. I made it within a year.
The formula you are talking about is 60, 20, 20, where 60 percent is the mindset, 20 percent is the mechanic and remaining is what you talked about now; attractiveness. The universe helps you to make your dream come true. This formula makes our dreams come true faster.
Romeo Sundin: Law of attraction as we say. I got introduced to The Secret in the US, first I was laughing when they ask me to imagine I am driving a Ferrari. I tried this with my goals and as you said universe responded. One guy in The Secret wanted a house, he added it to his vision board, years passed and they moved. One day his kid found his vision board and the dad realized they lived in the exact same house. It doesn’t need to be a materialistic wish it can be a feeling, love or happiness.
If you hear successful people they often mention “I was fortunately enough…” “I was lucky…” this means they know how to type into this attraction.
Romeo Sundin: If you had to choose one exercise to share to the audience, what would that be?
There is one exercise I do a lot right now called Re-focus. Whit this fast world, the Internet, Social media, phones, interruption… Every time I lose my focus I re-focus. I want to create a habit to re-focus without thinking.
Romeo Sundin: Could you give a more specific example?
You need to aware when you wake up. In the morning you have your list-to-do. Imagine you have three things you have to finish, and you start with the first. However, there come things in between the second one. Pay attention to your focus and come back.
Romeo Sundin: Let's say you have to finish a design on a landing page. During the day you get phone calls, comments on Facebook, private life… You are now half through the task, how would you finish it?
The brain gets tired and other things capture the focus. If you don’t re-focus you do the other things which some in between and don’t respect the habit of re-focus. The brain might say “I need some more easy task now..” Then you re-focus, it might hurt but the habit makes you do it. It is an attention game.
Romeo Sundin: For an example, I have something called Asperger's syndrome, kind of like ADHD. So I have concentration problem, so this method would be really useful for me. They say 90 percent of all successful entrepreneurs have ADHD. They are so focused on what they do but if there is a distraction then they lose their focus and it is really hard to come back.
As I child, I remember reading in school. If a car came by, I could not come back with the same focus. You and I can switch but what would you suggest to this people?
When we un-focus it is generated by thoughts. You need to be aware of your thoughts; our thoughts generate how we behave. When you focus on something you are following certain thoughts. You are aligning with your thoughts. You only get distracted because you are following other thoughts. This is a thought problem; you need to manage your thoughts. When we understand that we are the owner of our thoughts and not or emotion,
1.    If you are losing your focus, it is because you are listening and focus on a new thought coming to your mind.
2.    When you are focusing on a new thought, this thought takes your attention.
3.    Watch your thought, know you are the owner of them and come back.
Romeo Sundin: What is the best motivational quote you ever heard and why?
I love the quote: “If you do, what you always have done, you will get what you always got”.
This is a reality. Many are complaining about life, government, and their body…
If you want new result you need to do something different than what you are doing right now.
Romeo Sundin: Who said this?
From my research, it seems to be Albert Einstein who said it.
Romeo Sundin: Do you have an Instagram?

Outside Comfort Zone - Sydsvenskan

I got interviewed by Kerstin Weman Thornell from the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan about The Comfort Zone, here is an abbreviated version of the reportage:

To stay within the comfort zone is like give yourself up to the Law of Jante. But in order to grow and develop you have to be yourself, says Ricardo Koanuka, malmöbo with roots in Brazil.
After some time, and several meetings Ricardo Koanuka heard about the Law of Jante. He believes that this attitude, not to be allowed to think that one is better than another, pervades many Swedes thoughts and behaviors.
They are aware of the Law of Jante, but says "we are like that." Jante is like a disease that prevents people from being themselves. It has long arms and is prepared to hold and strangle you.
In this discovery, Ricardo Koanuka started his own thought process. He began to ask himself who he was and where he was going. He read books, took courses and lectures on the theme of personal development.
It took several years to realize my task: to give other people courage to discover their motivation and passion and believe in their unique assets.
This conveys in many different ways. The documentary Resilience, which won several awards, is one. Lectures and workshops are another. But it is constantly about to take a step beyond the habitual area.

If you always do what you've always done, you will get the same results you've always gotten. In order to get something else, you must also behave differently. It is when you reach beyond the comfort zone as you grow as a person.
At times, he doubted. Thinking of returning to Brazil, to his ingrained contexts.
But I am a warrior. It is clear that I often feel vulnerable, but I still try to expose me to new encounters and situations.
In the coming year, he is aiming to give lectures in Swedish instead of English - something that really is "ten times beyond the comfort zone." During these gatherings, he also exposes the participators to challenges, like dance to percussion music, or to let them talk about their dreams to another.
I really believe in personal meetings and human contact. Today, many people stop in front of the screen and only interact with their friends on social media. It is the same as remain to your own home village. But stepping out and meet people for real, is something different and new.

What's your target?

A new year is a perfect time to reflect and analyze our achievements related to our goals and dreams in the past year. It is a great opportunity to star planning the new year.

Let me tell you a story...

Two Indians were in the forest for fishing. The Indian father gave a bow and an arrow to his son and said:
– Shoot, shoot, shoot!
– At what? the son asked.
The father understood that his son had no target. The shooting had no purpose for his son. He deiced to change strategy and said:
– Son, shoot at the red fish! 
From that moment everything changed. The little Indian had something to aim at. With a target, he got the purpose and could measure his progress. 

My story

After I heard the story about the little Indian and his dad I started to realize I could not even remember all of my goal from the past year! I was lost without clear targets to achieve my dreams. This year I will have clear targets. How about you? Wish you an amazing 2016 and remember all progress take place outside the comfort zone, now is a good time to change and put up your target!

Change your life with new routines

I just got educated NLP coach by the founder John Grinder in England and I will share some of my best take-ups from the course. One quote John Grinder shared that I felt I needed to take action on was:
“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”.
I’m passionate about public speaking and personal development. However, I was afraid for a long time to change and make it into a reality and step into the unknown.
When you want something but don’t do anything for real to achieve what you want because of fear and self-doubt.

Find and apply your new routines

Think about something you want to change in your life. When you got it, write it down together with three options that will lead to a transformation of this situation.
It will look like this:
Description of the problem you want to change.
  1. Easy solution to change the situation/problem
  2. Middle solution to change the situation/problem
  3. Hardest solution to change the situation/problem
Now, start applies the solutions in this order.
Remember the quote “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.

Immigrant in Sweden - Empower yourself as an immigrant in Sweden.

In Brazil, I had my bachelor and lived the life with full speed as an entrepreneur. I came to Sweden when I was 30 years old without the language, cultural understanding or contacts that could guide my entrepreneurial skills in this new context.
Start over from nothing is definitely challenging but it forced me to deepen my inner guidance and strengths. Nobody sees the skills you have only the stereotype as a soccer player, samba dancer or maybe a potential thief.


Waiting for no one - Workshop with my documentary Resilience
After 8 years in Sweden, I can now summarize some do and don’t.
·     Don’t become a victim.
·     Don’t wait for anyone or any governmental system to help you
·     Don’t wait for the Swedish society to open doors, accept or recognize you
You will feel you need to adapt in a surprising way from the society. I didn’t want to come to Sweden doing a work I did not want to do. No one should do a work they don’t want to be doing.
The Swedish sociality needs your unique skills, background and point of view, you just need to claim your spot. 

The law of Jante

When you arrive here you will face the “Jantelagen”. Don´t take this personally. The law of Jante is like a sickness from the society, that is kept alive by the people suppressing each other to make everybody the same, but we are not the same, we are unique.
The law of Jante is:
1.   You're not to think you are anything special.
2.   You're not to think you are as good as we are.
3.   You're not to think you are smarter than we are.
4.   You're not to convince yourself that you are better than we are.
5.   You're not to think you know more than we do.
6.   You're not to think you are more important than we are.
7.   You're not to think you are good at anything.
8.   You're not to laugh at us.
9.   You're not to think anyone cares about you.
10.You're not to think you can teach us anything.
11. Perhaps you don't think we know a few things about you?


·     Step up and show how you are.
·     Be good, be outstanding!
·     Be aggressive in a positive way. Believe in yourself. Speak the Swedish you can and if you don’t know the language yet go with your English or the way you can communicate.
·     Produce, be productive!
Now you don’t feel like a victim. The Swedish are now listening to you. You are getting some attention. Some doors are opening.

Ideas are cheap - Action is king

We all have the power to change the world – at least our own world.
The only device necessary is an idea. One single idea created the electricity, flying machines, and the possibility to freeze a moment into photography.
But an idea is powerless if it stays inside of you. If you don’t put your idea to work it will die with you.
Ideas are sheep

Everybody gets ideas all the time but to transform ideas into reality is what fulfill us. Did you ever have an idea that was unique or that had the potential to change the world? Many times when I had an idea I started up with lots of energy. Suddenly I had a doubt and stop taking any actions. Time passed and also did the energy around the idea. After some time, I discovered that the idea I had, have been realized by someone else. It was my idea but I did not take action. It is so simple it gets hard.
“If you don’t execute your ideas, they die.”
– Roger Von Oech

Motivation is nothing without actions

I’m trying to inspire you to take action on your idea now. I myself is taking action making this content, what can you do today to start making the energy vibrate around your idea?
Without actions, there will be no manifestation, no results, and no reward. Believe in yourself, take action and tell me about your steps!