Let’s talk about real monsters

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I have a mission. My mission takes me out of my comfort zone.

Do you think Friday is the best day of the week and Sunday night just before Monday’s workday is the worst?
If you answer yes, you are not odd. In fact, you belong to the 80 % of the population that are doing things they don’t love.
Stop to think, life is only one.
I want to motivate you to go out from your comfort zone, as a part of my mission so you can motivate others in your turn.

What is the comfort zone?

It is the place we stay most of our time. It is our routines. A safe place where we don’t grow because it doesn’t challenge ourselves. If you have dreams and willing of changes there is something holding you back, that I will say is the monsters of the comfort zone.
It is tricky! Because sometimes we are not feeling that the monsters hold us back in the comfort zone. Often the monsters are made of fears, what will the others say? I’m not good enough! What if I don’t make it? The monsters don’t like new things. Take me for an example. You are witnessing me stepping out of my comfort zone. And maybe your monsters will be afraid my actions will inspire you to do the same.
Now this guy is making videos, who does he think he is?
How is your way out from the comfort zone?
Why not be crazy in a good way, so you can live a passionate life? Step out of your comfort zone and you will discover new opportunities.
I saw many putting up a post on Facebook saying, My goal is to create a life I don’t need a vacation from.
If you have this goal, what are you doing differently to achieve this goal? I remember when I had jobs that did not fulfill my purpose. My body and soul protested. I never accepted, and I will never accept that the monster of the comfort zone would hold me in those positions. I´m writing this now because I know it is the path I need to go.
We are all different, what is your path? I hope I inspired you because that is my mission. All progress takes place outside your comfort zone. I would like to hear about your mission and monsters!