What's your target?

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A new year is a perfect time to reflect and analyze our achievements related to our goals and dreams in the past year. It is a great opportunity to star planning the new year.

Let me tell you a story...

Two Indians were in the forest for fishing. The Indian father gave a bow and an arrow to his son and said:
– Shoot, shoot, shoot!
– At what? the son asked.
The father understood that his son had no target. The shooting had no purpose for his son. He deiced to change strategy and said:
– Son, shoot at the red fish! 
From that moment everything changed. The little Indian had something to aim at. With a target, he got the purpose and could measure his progress. 

My story

After I heard the story about the little Indian and his dad I started to realize I could not even remember all of my goal from the past year! I was lost without clear targets to achieve my dreams. This year I will have clear targets. How about you? Wish you an amazing 2016 and remember all progress take place outside the comfort zone, now is a good time to change and put up your target!