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I got interviewed by Kerstin Weman Thornell from the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan about The Comfort Zone, here is an abbreviated version of the reportage:

To stay within the comfort zone is like give yourself up to the Law of Jante. But in order to grow and develop you have to be yourself, says Ricardo Koanuka, malmöbo with roots in Brazil.
After some time, and several meetings Ricardo Koanuka heard about the Law of Jante. He believes that this attitude, not to be allowed to think that one is better than another, pervades many Swedes thoughts and behaviors.
They are aware of the Law of Jante, but says "we are like that." Jante is like a disease that prevents people from being themselves. It has long arms and is prepared to hold and strangle you.
In this discovery, Ricardo Koanuka started his own thought process. He began to ask himself who he was and where he was going. He read books, took courses and lectures on the theme of personal development.
It took several years to realize my task: to give other people courage to discover their motivation and passion and believe in their unique assets.
This conveys in many different ways. The documentary Resilience, which won several awards, is one. Lectures and workshops are another. But it is constantly about to take a step beyond the habitual area.

If you always do what you've always done, you will get the same results you've always gotten. In order to get something else, you must also behave differently. It is when you reach beyond the comfort zone as you grow as a person.
At times, he doubted. Thinking of returning to Brazil, to his ingrained contexts.
But I am a warrior. It is clear that I often feel vulnerable, but I still try to expose me to new encounters and situations.
In the coming year, he is aiming to give lectures in Swedish instead of English - something that really is "ten times beyond the comfort zone." During these gatherings, he also exposes the participators to challenges, like dance to percussion music, or to let them talk about their dreams to another.
I really believe in personal meetings and human contact. Today, many people stop in front of the screen and only interact with their friends on social media. It is the same as remain to your own home village. But stepping out and meet people for real, is something different and new.